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The  EpiPen® BackPack by AllerGear is Here!

Our founder is a mom who is passionate about keeping her young food allergy son safe.  His food allergy anxieties were affecting his concentration in school and reducing his overall enjoyment of life.

Even though food allergies are on the rise, she realized, few appreciate the serious threat they pose to food allergy children and the anxiety they produce during school lunchtime, in the classroom and even when taking a drink from the water fountain. She knew that parents of children with food allergies – with allergies of any type -- must do everything possible to protect their child away from home.

She obtained a note from the allergist and provided it to the school nurse. She spoke with her son’s teachers.  She gave detailed instructions to school administrators in event of an emergency. But would they recognize a reaction when it occurred? Would they know immediately what to do? She wouldn’t be there at school to recognize an allergy emergency and administer the life-saving EpiPen® injection.

She knew recognition is vital and speed of reaction is key.

Her solution was to design the. Its familiar bright green, orange and blue colors resemble an EpiPen®. Now, her son carries it as a constant visual notice. When she can’t be there to protect him, it reminds those nearby, “hey, I have a life-threatening allergy! Reach for the EpiPen® in an emergency!” His anxieties are much-reduced.

Allergic reactions can be life threatening. It is nearly impossible to avoid exposure everywhere at all times. Awareness is the key! Send your allergy child to school with a backpack that brings to mind an EpiPen®.  You and your child have enough to worry about. The EpiPen® BackPack is a no brainer!