What's In Your Bag?

Really. What is in your AllerGear EpiPen® BackPack?  Have you heard about Jonas...the really big blizzard that slammed the Northeast region of the United States with record breaking amounts of snow over the weekend. Yes, that Jonas.

In preparedness for the Blizzard Jonas, Governor Terry McAuliffe declared a state of emergency and the people in Loudon County are eternally grateful. We knew ahead of time that we may not be able to get to the store so we stocked up on the essentials: coffee, water, ice cream, oatmeal, toilet paper etc.

The declaration of the sate of emergency also gave me time to rush down to my local CVS pharmacy and purchase items for my food allergy and asthmatic son. CVS has generic brands of antihistamines, famotidine (histamine H2-receptor antagonist) as well as foods he could eat and I also made sure our EpiPens were up to date. I threw all the medications into my EpiPen® BackPack by AllerGear and had no worries. 

We prepared, we survived. 

I want to mention that I needed to fill a prescription for myself because I became ill during the blizzard and four wheeled it to the ER and they prescribed an antibiotic.  I needed this prescription bad. Guess who was open? CVS! You know why because a pharmacist named Samir walked SEVEN MILES to get there for people such as myself. Samir needs a promotion and a raise (store #4038).

The point I am making, or trying to make, is that life is full of changing variables. People who suffer from food allergies and asthma live in an constant state of these changing variables in combination with temperamental reactions to allergens. We need to provide these susceptible children with a survival kit. AllerGear's EpiPen® BackPack provides an added layer of protection for your child. This blizzard was a real life example of what could happen in the event of an allergic reaction emergency and how prepared we must be. I am prepared. You are prepared. Make sure your child is prepared wherever they are.

Thank you Samir and CVS...I know you care every Minute:)